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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tales of the Snow Woman

Today in between working on Alex Van Helsing #2 (so called, because who knows what the title of that book will be), I've been reading up on a few Japanese folktales. Particularly I've been looking at Yuki-onna, the Snow Woman.

Yuki-onna comes to the lost in the snow and leads them astray, freezing and killing. She is the spirit of deadly winter and loneliness. What a wondrous image. There are many stories online, but here are two excellent movie scenes.

First is from Kaidan Yuki Joro, 1968-- as Yuki-Onna visits two men sleeping in the woods.

The second is a terrifying, lost-in-the-snow of Yuki-onna from Kurosawa's Dreams, with music by Ivoux.

I tend to write horror with a lot of engines, but of course I find inspiration in every creepy tale I come across. I wonder if we can put Yuki-onna on a motorcycle.

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