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Friday, April 30, 2010

Alex Van Helsing Article: That's my skull on the bookshelf

That's my bookshelf with the skull there. The Star Telegram has an article up today that does the kind favor of giving my neighbors in the Metroplex the heads up about Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising, which comes out, what, Tuesday? That's actually just a few days.

The article is by the supremely cool Dave Martindale, who writes a lot about things I love, like classic TV and movies and books. It was nice to have him in my little red study; we chatted about vampires, Hardy Boys and the Man from UNCLE.

The funny thing about this aspect of writing is that it's totally fun and seemingly frivolous, and yet totally necessary if you want readers to find your book. So if you're a writer and kind of an introvert, you suddenly have to become at home with getting up in front of the crowd: Hey look! Book! Vampires! Skull! Luckily I am totally at home with that. :)

By the way: have you taken the Alex Van Helsing Vampire Quiz yet? No? Let me know how you do!

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