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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Review of AVH1: "highly recommend"

WillowRaven has posted an awesome new review of Alex Van Helsing #1:

The world of vampires that Jason has created is both classic and unique. We get vampires who have no desire to act human. Vampires that are taken straight from the pages of myth and legend. But we also get secret societies, family secrets and hunters with a touch of the paranormal....

I highly recommend this book to fans of good vampire stories. Alex, as a male protagonist, I feel would really appeal to younger male readers. Any fans of good paranormal young adult books would enjoy this one, in my humble opinion of course :)

Thanks WillowRaven! It really makes a huge difference to the book when someone not only reads the book but feels compelled to write something about it. I appreciate the call-out!

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