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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Early copies are in!

Okay, two new shots to share. My editor at HarperCollins sent me images of the early copies of Alex Van Helsing, with its nifty embossed silvery letters and all. We have a decent shot of the cover...

... and also a pensive shot of the book, thoughtfully looking out the window at New York City.

Live your dream, book! Go run into the street and, you know, throw your embossed hat in the air, or something!


  1. Great pics! I read the book as part of Around the World Tours recently and loved it! I'll have a review posted soon.

  2. Really? That's really very cool, Willow. Can't wait to read your review and I'll totally link to it! Feel free to drop me a line anytime, or ask any questions!

  3. looking forward to this Jason, yours are the kind of vampires I like reading about.

  4. Thanks, Anonymous. I hope you do like my vampires-- I wish there were sample chapters laying around, but I think that will happen soon. When there are, I'll link to them.