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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Vampire Empire: Alex Van Helsing "something to sink your teeth into"

Awesome review over at Vampire Empire-- I really love when a blogger enjoys the parts of the book that I most want to do more of; the historical mystery and humor. This is the stuff we live for, you know? Thanks, guys!

The dialog is witty and the characters are enjoyable. The Alex Van Helsing character in Vampire Rising is as likable and relatable as Harry Potter. And , although he doesn't use magic as his weapon, he sure can kick some terrifying vampire butt....
Some of Alex's thoughts made me smile. There are a couple that I wanted to repeat. The first is a Lone Ranger reference. Gotta love that!
"Silver" Alex repeated. In old movies, silver was for werewolves and the Lone Ranger, who when you got down to it could probably hunt werewolves really well."
The second just made me laugh...
"...for a moment his heart raced as he saw a tall rakish figure in the corner. He felt himself crouch and then realized it looked rakish because it was, in fact, a rake. Save your mad skills for the actual monsters, Alex."
Some of my favorite parts of this book are the history references referring back to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. How clever. I loved the historical possibilities. This just really added a nice element to the storyline for me.
Would I recommend this book? Yes. For both young adults and adults alike. Boys will especially enjoy it as it is a read of the non-sparkly variety and will give them something to sink their teeth into. 

Read the rest here!

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