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Friday, December 17, 2010

Process and Progress on Alex Van Helsing #3

The AVH Notebook (V. 2)
Not much blogging this week due to Holidays and a lot of work on Alex Van Helsing #3: Whatever It Will Be Called. Here you can see my notebook-- my process basically involves outlining first on paper, then in Excel, then back to paper for individual scenes. Honestly when it comes to real brainstorming it's better for me to use paper.

For instance, you can't really see it but the header there says SECHERON DARK, with dramatic beats underneath, corresponding with the bits of action in the scene. This scene is in (currently) chapter 4 of the first draft. The notes say:


Into town-- body armor
Police lights cutting through the dim-- people milling about
The Docks--
Army of vampires coming up from the water (L. Geneva)-- attacking
a bony horse and the Skull Lady
Vampires with other skull faces covered-- attacking--
Alex saved by the GIRL
"It's Claire."
Claire sends a message

That's for a scene-- scenes need to have dramatic beats and its easiest to write them down. I continue this way, going from electronic to paper outline, throughout the first draft.

Meanwhile I had a quick call with my editor to pick her brain about what to do with some of the characters. A 10-minute call and we're out. The editor is warm but sharp and efficient. We bat some ideas rapid fire and settle on a direction, and each return to our lives.

And on we go. The book is currently 15,000 words into draft 1, and due in February.

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