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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Please Give to Red Cross (and a letter from a fan)

Please Give to Red Cross (and a letter from a fan)
I received a long letter from a student in Georgia-- one who lost power in the recent storms but did not lose her house. This is someone I've heard from before, a young writer who sends me nitpicky questions about how the vampire's powers in my books actually work. These past storms have devastated her neighborhood.

Day two and I'm strained to breaking and opting to crawl under a
table and curl into a ball. I was in tears driving to my class
today, driving through all that destruction ,seeing people who I
know or met, or heard about, and seeing their loss. I don't know
why I was spared, but seeing the people around me suffer is
heartbreaking. I'm trying to keep up a chipper attitude. Your book
is a good distraction from it all. And the short, pestery emails
with random questions that I hope you don't mind of which I'm able
to send during the times the generator is on. I have nothing to think
about, and Alex Van Helsing just sits and stares at me offering a world I can
hide in. Even if Dracula is my favorite character XD.

Go here if you want to give to the Red Cross for disaster relief here or anywhere.

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