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Friday, May 27, 2011

For the Blood is the Life: Voice of the Undead Countdown Minus 59

With 59 days until the release of Alex Van Helsing: Voice of the Undead, I am counting down 59 cool vampire-related things. So keep coming back!

The Alex Van Helsing series exists in a world where high-tech spies must contend with vampires from classic literature, including Dracula as a key work, but also digging deep into lesser known stories. These old stories are my companions as I write and they've been with me since I was a child.

Today's cool thing is a favorite classic story (and a video with the same name): For the Blood is the Life by F. Marion Crawford, one of my favorite classic vampire tales.

For the Blood is the Life tells in just a few pages a romantic story of an old castle, stolen treasure, and a murdered innocent gypsy girl who becomes a vampire. There's a really nice image that sticks with me today of the ghost of the vampire, visible upon the grave and reaching out for victims, but unable to rise. You can read the story here. You can also find it in many collections, including one bearing the title of the story

When the moon rose high that night the shadow of that Thing was not alone down there upon the mound.
Calabria, Italy, where For the Blood is the Life takes place.

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  1. Wonderful experience you had it seems from your post. Your memory will be alive for years of time. Hope you do well in future also. God bless you.