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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Halloween: You've seen DRACULA-- But you've never seen him like this. On your iPad.

We call it Black Hawk Dracula. Dracula: Impossible.

Just in time for Halloween, SWORD OF DRACULA is out on Comixology for your iPad or mobile device! If you haven't read it, SOD is a techno-thriller about the agents out to capture the most dangerous terrorist on the planet: Dracula.

And the hero? None other than Ronnie Van Helsing, the sister of Alex Van Helsing of my YA book series. The series debuts on digital this week with the free prologue "ICE" and Issue 1, both drawn by Greg Scott. So check out SWORD OF DRACULA on your mobile device or PC and let me know what you think!

Ronnie Van Helsing is new to her leadership role in the Polidorium--but it doesn't stop her from dragging the organization into a full assault on Dracula, Lord of the Vampire. In opening act issue that plays out in near-real time, the Polidorium meet Dracula for the first time-but are all the Humvees, coagulant missiles, rocket launchers and blackhawks at Ronnie's disposal any match for a man who controls a reservoir of blood? 

 Word from the critics:
 "Required reading... unlike anything I can remember since the Tomb of Dracula heyday." (Cinema Nocturne) 
 "A damn fine vampire read that utilizes the mythology in fun and exciting ways." (Aint it Cool News)
 "Retooling Dracula is tricky — Writer Jason Henderson establishes the vampire lord as a contemporary para-military target with the creepy-cool ability to shape blood into weaponry and castles. Greg Scott's opening chapters scan like storyboards for Black Hawk Down fused with the best of '70s grind-house horror." -- Entertainment Weekly 
 "Henderson's approach to Dracula is fundamentally different from anything that has come before." (Cinescape)

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