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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cover Reveal: Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death

There is a painting in Madrid that holds the key to a coming Apocalypse, and only Alex Van Helsing and a mysterious motorcycle-riding witch can unlock its mysteries.

Are you ready for more Alex Van Helsing? Finally I can reveal the cover of Book 3, The Triumph of Death-- to me, the best of the three books planned so far. In Book 1, Alex joined the spy organization the Polidorium. In Book 2, Alex had to balance breakneck spy action with girl trouble galore, and the pace picked up considerably. Now in Book 3 it's wall-to-wall suspense and action, with new bad guys, new organizations, and (surprise) a new girl-- a 14-year-old witch/spy who can give Alex and his motorcycle a run for their money.

But at the book's heart is a painting-- a kind of amazing one. I'll be posting more on that soon, but for now, here's the cover of Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death, coming in hardback July 24, 2012!

If you find this interesting-- and if you dig the awesome green colors-- pre-order now and pass it on!

Alex Van Helsing: The Triumph of Death (HarperTeen, July 24, 2012)

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