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Friday, August 19, 2011

Girls in the Stacks: Voice of the Undead

Another neat review, this one from Girls in the Stacks reviewer Nancy Tuuling!

my take: Alex Van Helsing returns with a book full of action, villianous vampires, and budding teen romance! We enjoyed the first book in this series (see Vampire Rising review here) and I enjoyed this second book even more.

Nancy even keys in on my New Wave obsession, which creeps into the book:

I have to mention one of my favorite lines – when Alex asks “Who is Ultravox?”, Sangster said, “Well, for one thing it’s the name of a New Wave band.” “What’s New Wave?” Ahhh, Sangster – your young padawan needs some musical instruction. That, or vampires need to find names that don’t make the adults reading hum “Vienna” in their heads. Oh, wait, isn’t that the girl’s name with the green scarf? Hmmmm… Oh, Jason, you punny man.

Yes. Yes it is, Nancy... and here's my favorite Ultravox song (but not the only one that influenced Voice of the Undead) "Vienna."

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