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Friday, April 8, 2011

The Now Playing Podcast Rocks

I have become a huge fan of the Now Playing Podcast, a show that records hour-long (sometimes more) entries on each movie in a series until they complete the series and move onto the next. This is wonderful listening for when you're driving-- right now I'm listening to them discuss the Terminator series, and their current series is Jaws. They've already done (and you can get them on iTunes) Tron, Star Trek, Friday the 13th, Back to the Future and more.

The great thing about listening to these is that, although the guys might not care for an entry in a series, they're giving a certain amount of respect, by spending an hour on each, to the work that's been done. Even for the least impressive movie in your favorite series, someone out there-- a lot of someones out there-- dedicated their lives to it for many months.

The other really cool aspect is that, by running these episodes back to back, you and the team can learn about threads and themes that get dropped and re-occur throughout a series. Wonderful stuff.

The Now Playing Podcast website is here.
Find their Facebook page here.

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