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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Writing Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow, writing weekend

It's a "writing weekend," meaning I've committed to myself and a few other people lots of new work. So this weekend on the block we have:
  • The script for Shadowland: Daughters of the Shadow #3-- this is actually just in time because Ivan Rodriguez-- who has this amazing ability to take my often-opaquely-described fight scenes and make them make visual sense--- is just now finished with Issue 2, so he needs to start drawing Issue 3. It's not as simple as me just writing a script and tossing it to Spain, of course. Before we go to script on a Marvel comic, we generally go through multiple panel by panel outlines. In a big event like Shadowland, numerous editors jawbone about every issue and how they fit together; my story connects mainly with its own issues, but we have to keep track of what the various characters are also doing in the main Shadowland mini, issues of Daredevil itself, Blood on the Streets and more. All of which gets us to: this Wednesday we had an approved outline and it was time to go to script, which was due Friday, last night. And, so that happened, and it's written. I'm always thrilled when a work finally comes together, and I see myself making choices, how about if we open this scene this way, how about if she sneaks in like this instead of like that, and I keep wondering-- what if I wrote this yesterday, would a different sudden idea occur to me? What if I wrote it tomorrow? We re-write and re-write, but many times the flash of inspiration shapes the final so completely that you can't imagine the story going another way. So I think, what if I were writing this yesterday, or tomorrow? Would this work happen? What is Yesterday Guy writing?
  • Meanwhile, I owe another Marvel editor a synopsis for a one-shot story. A synopsis is basically a one-or-two-page breakdown of the story. In my case I break the synopsis out into Acts and Scenes, just to help keep track of the beginning-middle-end structure. A typical one-shot comic is 22 pages long, so it's crucial to make sure that the end is getting started about two thirds, or 15 pages, into the comic. 
  • Meanwhile, I'm working on a new novel and hope to get some sample chapters done. That's slated for today and tomorrow.
Out there on the web, I've been thrilled by the reactions Shadowland: Daughters of the Dragon #1 has been getting. I'm mainly proud of this work because it's my first official Marvel Universe title and certainly my first crossover event title. I've been following and joining discussions at Comic Book Resources and Comixtreme.

Oh, some other good news-- I heard from IDW that the new printing of Sword of Dracula, the trade paperback of the series I wrote about Ronnie Van Helsing (sister of Alex Van Helsing), has actually sold out, and they'll be going to a second printing soon. That's huge news.

Okay, enough screwing around. Time to get to work.

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