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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Andy Hallett as Lorne

I wanted to post here a couple of memories of Andy Hallet, who passed away on March 29th.

Unbelievably, Hallett was 33 when he died of heart disease-- when he played Lorne on Angel, he created a character that made no sense at all when it first appeared on the page-- meaning when Hallett played Lorne he was in his early 20s.

Here's Hallett singing Lady Marmalade:

Hallett's character first appeared as part of the second-season tweaking of Angel that sent the series off into its own new areas, and he appeared in 76 episodes. In the final episode he delivered grim retribution to one of Angel's old enemies-- and faded into the night. "I'll do this last thing for you, for us, but then I'm out," his character said.

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  1. i will miss him. i loved his character. he seemed
    to be a great guy. he will be missed

    linda from oxford, alabama