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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Denholm Elliot was Dracula

Something new to share today-- or something old.

For years I've wanted to see what is truly an odd site-- a young, shades-wearing Denholm Elliot as Dracula in the UK series "Mystery and Imagination," in 1968.

You can't watch the whole thing, but it turns out the opening can be found on Youtube here:

The play itself appears to be extremely Hamilton Deane play that led to the Broadway production of Dracula and the subsequent Universal movies.

There were several TV Draculas around this period-- this is just five years before Palance took the role on US TV, and the Count would return to UK television again in 1977 under the guise of Louis Jourdan. More on those later.

So what kind of count is Denholm Elliot? On first glance he reminds me of Austin horror host Professor Griffin, but it's a unique take-- smooth and sanctimonious, and as far from Marcus Brody as any role could be.

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  1. The entire show, along with all the other surviving episodes will be released soon on DVD in the UK.