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Friday, February 26, 2010

Around the Web

Alex Van Helsing #1 turned up over at vampires.com :
The cool thing about vampires being so popular is that there are more and more vampire books coming out (which totally kicks ass). .... Unfortunately, many of the new young adult books are stories of forbidden love and are directed at teen girls for the most part. But good news boys (and girls), there’s an upcoming book that‘s not just another cliché love story – Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising by Jason Henderson. ... I have to say that I totally plan on reading this. I really need a new young adult book to read that doesn’t involve emo lover vamps. Don’t get me wrong, I love some girly romance novels but I do like to mix up my reading list.

I love reading this-- that's the idea. Actually, I appreciate all kinds of books myself, but the idea with Alex Van Helsing was to create a big, exciting adventure series about vampires and vampire hunters, and try to avoid the format of the romance stories. That doesn't mean we won't have romance-- but romance books follow a certain arc, and Alex stories will follow a diffferent sort of arc. So it's exciting to see what people have to say.

I promise to post whatever I find that turns up and respond to it if I have anything remotely useful to say.

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