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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Treat Links: Watch Black Sunday Free Online!

Black Sunday -- creepy, mysterious, melodramatic-- is a vampire movie so grand that it once determined where I wanted to live.

It's true. Back when I got out of law school, my wife and I drove across the country to Austin, Texas, to spend the Summer and study for the Bar Exam. It so happened that for years I had been reading about Black Sunday, from Mario Bava. "Not the Blimp Movie," I had to tell people, because there was a movie called Black Sunday about terrorists with a blimp, or something, and I knew this because I was always looking for this movie, at every video store, in every city, from New York to DC to-- well, to Austin. No one had Bava's Black Sunday.

So in Austin I wandered-- the first evening we were there-- into Vulcan Video. "Do you have Black Sunday?" I asked, adding, "Not the blimp movie."

The guy at the counter said: Do you want the American or the European cut?

We stayed in Austin for ten years.

That whole story? Antiquated, because now you can watch it free, online.

Here's the trailer:

You can watch it online at Hulu.

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