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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alex Van Helsing in Sword of Dracula: Flashback

Working on finishing the rough draft of Alex Van Helsing #1 this week, but here's a fun flashback-- a reminder of the role Alex played in the original Sword of Dracula series, from Line of Fire, April 2004.

Alex Van Helsing, Ronnie’s brother, has a strange premonition that causes him to call his sister. This phone call causes Ronnie to go about freeing Dracula. His escape from his capsule is very, very cool. It is a squence that you have to see – Belk’s art is really good and it shows in this sequence. Why does Ronnie let the king of the vampires go? Well, we’ll have to wait until the next issue.

In that scene, Alex was an adult, years after the events of Alex Van Helsing #1, which will be out next Summer.

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